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In fall of 2004 Boise became our first rescue. Boise came to us extremely neglected. He was over four hundred pounds underweight, had been beaten severely, and had open wounds. He displayed extremely high anxiety and fear of nearly everything and everyone he encountered. He is truly the heart of the Heart of the Matter as it was his "choosing" of Shawn that sent her on the journey that lead to EAGALA.( He is truly the seasoned patriarch of the herd. 



Jesse joined us in Summer of 2005. He is a Peruvian Paso Fino. Although appearing aloof at first, once you have gained his trust he is a loyal and willing friend. What we appreciate most about Jesse is his unique way of teaching boundaries. 


While Jesse came to us from a loving home he also has a history of abuse and neglect.



In the summer of 2007 Cheyenne was rescued from a meat buyer auction at just 1 week old. It took many months of TLC to bring her back to health. While her early life stunted her growth physically it most certainly did not stunt her personality. Vivacious and full of life Cheyenne always commands attention and offers challenges to all who come in contact with her.

Mia and Magic


Mia and Magic joined our staff in January 2013. A favorite of the children, they have proven their diversity by challenging our adult groups and nuturing survivors of trauma. 


Angel joined us in the spring of 2014. Her life journey has been difficult. In joining us it appears that she has found her calling. 




Gus joined us in Deccember of 2010. Solid and calm, Gus offers challenges in communication and motivation.

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