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In our busy, materialistic world we are often pulled in many directions by the demands of our profession, family, and society. Many have experienced trauma which has forever altered their lives and perception of the world as a whole. This fragmentation of our lives is often a reflection of our inner selves as well. Together client and therapist enter a unique therapeutic journey to reunite the fragments of the inner self, reconnect to innate wisdom, and rediscover one's world with its many opportunities.

Following my masters degree I received 2 years of additional intensive training at the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix. I primarily practice Equine Assisted Psychotherapy; a unique form of therapy with foundations in Gestalt Therapy. I am also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and weave this into many of our clients treatment. These modalities are suited for both everyday difficulties as well as trauma related issues.

I enter the therapeutic relationship without agenda or judgment and with only the expectation that the client is a willing participant in the process. We discard self-judgment, bring attention to your experience of both internal and external realities, and explore how they play a part in your experience of the world.

Our staff is comprised of a unique blend of talents, training, and abilities. Staff page is under construction so check back in the near future. 


How It All Began


The Facility

Facility is conveniently located for accessability while providing an oasis for healing.


Horses are permitted to naturally roam and freely express their behavior

Arenas provide a safe environment for human-horse interaction.


Pastures covered with grass provide a unique sensory experience and enhance the well-being of the horses. 

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